WeChat have brought in the much respected and experienced conservation and environmental charity, ‘Friends of the Earth’ (FoE) to act as a consultant, with the objective ‘to help create a
sustainable and environmentally responsible space’. Their knowledge and experience with materials and resources will be a key element in this project.


• Design a hub/social space that reflects on the identities, ethos and culture of both brands involved (FoE and WeChat).
• In the design, carefully consider the use of materials,
colours and textures to evidence your understanding of the brands’ philosophy and personality.
• The design should demonstrate your knowledge of sustainable practices and responsible consumption.


17 November 2021, 15:47

Very good portfolio, well organised and reads clearly. I am impressed by the amount of work done so far. Focus on your visuals and do further sketch drawings including what happens to the ceiling.

18 November 2021, 11:01

A very mature tutorial/presentation. you have certainly considered and reflected upon the entire project, process and outcomes to date. I would say that you have set the standards, which many will look towards for guidance. I would suggest that you do some more drawings, looking at the space from a variety of viewpoints and consider what happens above you, ceiling etc?

25 November 2021, 9:15

Much more evidence of progression. You still need to evidence as to what takes place on the ceiling as well as deal with the perspective of the writing on the wall to the right. Overall, a really good proposal indeed.


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